Eressea 3. Zeitalter

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Allianz des Schildes




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Hegemon of the Xenotagma was for long the leader of an exceptionally bold band of adventurers. Bards tell of their deeds in many strange lands. But when one takes risks things sometimes go wrong. And tampering with the forces of a mystical nexus is not always wise. (Though the drama of the resulting explosion and dimensional rift did satisfy Hegomon's personal sense of aesthetics.) A remenant of the band survived on a raft of cobbled together wreckage. For weeks they drifted at the mercy of storms and gods, gradually dieing of starvation. Eventually Hegemon, the sole survivor, was washed up on the shore.

For one of his caliber, such a setback is but a minor inconvenience. Indeed the freedom from old responsibilities and constraints (not to mention a few inconvenient grudges) allows a fresh start. Once again adventure beckons...

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