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The text below is only of historic relevance.

The Azurmond has fallen apart long ago, even before the Caelians vanished - if it ever existed at all.

The name 'Azurmond Archipelago' for this region of the 13th world has vanished as well. What is left is only the name of the eastern island: Azurmond.

Over many of the other islands, the malicious TransAqua? pirates and their followers have spread. It will be the plight and honour of the 'Bund des EINEN' to remove them once for all.

For some the TransAqua? are pirates for others they are simply people that fight for their survival against the onslaught of the 'Bund des EINEN'.

The Azurmond Archipelago is part of four islands somewhere in the northwest of the 13th World, along the eastern Edge of the World. Azurmond does not cover the whole of the main island, and only has small enclaves on the other three. The Caelians share the islands peacefully with their neighbours, and some Caelians are working together with an ally on a fifth island.

The Isles of Azurmond Archipelago:

Before you a map of the Azurmond Archipelago is spread out. It is a magical map that allows you to take a tour of the Realm. We suggest you start at its capital, Cullinbar, or you can step into any one of the different provinces.

Igneous Plateau?

Obsidian Fields? Star's Cradle?


Vôgeróden Gandat- zétdut

Dčtafos Kugét Gyrselken Tekid

Cędikunkas Dantor Taltegínpil Ronpes Ratril Canse- gubod

Dorkarhot Vigirsit Fabapóron Tugŕs Atuan

The Jut Dadlât Kútebakad Pudin Gubikurol Misty Forest Selinor Ur-at-Ur Gont

Kedon- setwos Sokútdus Mulberry Fields Bog Bluff Salt Marsh Arglar Wood Tehanu Karego At

Bosŕs Valley of Shade Flooded Foothills Goadh'im Swamp Sea of Sands Duskmoor Ferry Marsh Snakeblood Mountain Salt Flats

Bututzod Pass of Echoes Waldland- reich Field of the Forgotten Fern Forest Wood's Heart Emerald Inlet

Ocean's Gate Land's Corner Woods of Cullinbar Stonecrest Cliff Coast Isle's Tail

Glacial Gardens

Tiamat Arienhod

Repafel Bistadzalden Ice Cleft Plains

Carbuncle Pokîdarîl Dotvobulber Winter's Wedge

Cîfopos Porto Seguro Kegudul

Tîvún Kedon Amon-Sidh Eryn-Eldamar Tírwôr

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