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Decades ago, a young man, hardly old enough to no longer be called a boy, was found in the Sea of Sands. He had apparently been walking through the desert for several days, and was exhausted, sunburnt, and badly dehydrated. Then Sado Kitri, one of the desert nomads, found him on a sand dune. The nomad's curiosity was fed by the youth's strange hairdress and style of clothing, which was very different from any he'd ever seen before. As the older man approached, the youngster seemed to sense his presence, got up on his hands and knees, and growled. When he saw the nomad didn't mean any harm, he relaxed and finally collapsed into unconsciousness.

Sado brought the strange youth to Sunshade, gave him food, water and clean clothing. When asked for his name, the youth could not answer, unable to remember anything from before his trek through the Sea of Sands. The old nomad began calling him 'Khadar', the word for bobcat in the Ancient Tongue, because of the young man's fierce growl when they first met.

Recovering his strength quickly under Sado's care, the youth slowly began to recollect things... He remembered where he grew up, a land of green forests and lush fields. He remembered his given name, Mar'ek. He was on his initiation rite, a test of bravery to go see an old man and face a scorpion in the desert in the west of the Caelian region. But that desert was not the Sea of Sands, he insisted. It was in a different world, a green world. Not in this Blue World, this... 'Azurmond', surrounded by water everywhere. He had no idea how he ended up here. Sado didn't press for answers.

As Mar'ek grew older, he started making longer and longer trips into Azurmond, discovering the lands around the desert. He helped people whenever he could, dispatching bandits with his two scimitars and the catlike fierceness he never lost. Many of the people in Azurmond respected the young man, and it wasn't surprising they looked to him for help when an armed band of Dwarves invaded their country. With just a small group of men he dispatched the foreign forces, and from then on he was known throughout Azurmond. People came to him for advice, help, and leadership. He gladly gave the former, but was reluctant in his role of leader, especially when the people from Azurmond renamed themselves Caelians in his honour, and started flying a banner with his namesake, the bobcat.

Under Mar'ek Khadar's guidance, the Caelians thrived. Among the people of the 13th World they are a peaceful Race of traders and explorers, but when provoked they can equal the feral fierceness of their leader. Their lands grew, horizons expanded, and the Azurmond Archipelago now consists of parts of four islands in the Ocean of Isles, with allies and ambassadors on a fifth. It can be found somewhere in the northwest of the Thirteenth World, along the eastern Edge of the World.

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