Eressea 3. Zeitalter

Eressea PbeM



Allianz des Schildes




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  • UFO

History of this Island:

  • Zweite Woche des Monats Feldsegen des Jahres 15 (563, Sommer)
    • Some aquarian-soldiers of the Konglomerat swam into a glacier in the south.
    • The Polaris Empire declared war against the most of the factions of the Konglomerat
  • Letzte Woche des Monats Feldsegen des Jahres 15 (564, Sommer)
  • Erste Woche des Monats Nebeltage des Jahres 15 (565, Herbst)
    • More ships of the souther alliances landed troups
    • The Polaris Empire destroyed the harbour in the swamp Panama
    • The Polaris army moved to the glaciers
    • this area has been to SA while 10 turn , for 15000 soldiers dead , what a great victory , immortals of eressea thought this world need to be protect by UFO , and that is ..

Polaris Statement:

  • the island is under attack , the inviders are Konglomerat alliance.
  • The southern alliances have loose all they have in this attack and flee as fast they can like a wet hen .
  • this harbour is now destroyed and the 14 world saved

Souther Alliances Statement:

  • The Polaris Empire declared themself as the guardians of the 14. world.
  • They control the passage to the 14. world and prohibit most foreign ships heavily armed sailing into that world.
  • Themself they use the gate to send massiv troups through it.
  • The southern alliances will stop any further leap into the 14. world by the Polaris Empire.

Luxury goods:

  • Seide / silk
  • Öl

The small island name is South Outpost

Surrounding Islands:

Belongs to: Islands of the 13th world

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