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Please do not land without permission. This island no longer has an embasy region.


Trade goods:

  • Juwelen / Gem
  • Öl / Oil


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Homeland of the Allianz, part of the Kreis der Macht.

In the beginning there were 7 tribes. Two of the orcish tribes bread like maggots over the land, moving in on their neighbours provinces to steal their resources. A fatal mistake, for soon there were just five tribes left - the five who lived here in harmony for years. The Arianer, Bloody Fist, Empire and Loge were devastated by the war, but the demonic legions of the Xenotagma were almost unharmed and brought them back to life. In honour of this victory, the Schicksalsvertrag? was negotiated, a treaty to bind the alliance.

The people are somewhat xenophobic. They recognize the need for some interaction, and as a result have designated the north western desert province as an ambassadorial preserve. But following some unfortunate incidents where visitors abused the hospitality of the locals, visitors are cautioned to respect the natives' desire for privacy.

The Schicksalinsel was invaded around 460 from the DemonIsles. Strangely the event benefited the locals: the invaders were defeated almost without loss, while the defenders gained a great deal of equipment and some ships. As a result, the DemonIsles now belong to the Allianz and other allies from the Kreis der Macht.

Harmony broke down as the Xenotagma were starved of resources and their treaty rights. Following the momentous battles against the Kerubin in the earlier part of the 500s, it was clear that the demise of the Allianz was only a matter of time. The Xenotagma requested their right to become neutral, staying apart from the conflict. The Xenotagma agreed with the Allianz and Circle of Power (Kreis der Macht) that this would happen after they had fought for the CoP? in the main battle of the campaign, if and only if the CoP? lost - which they did, only to be bloodily betrayed by the Allianz, who attempted unsuccessfully to eradicate the Xenotagma.

Such dishonour has its price - the Kreis der Macht were completely defeated. The remnants shuffled off this mortal realm around 600.

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