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I think it's time to expand this project to the 14th world. A map is know and should be available to everyone.

The terms of embassies should have a public available place and some luxury trade information might also help to come in contact.

So i just merged the maps i got from the Huari and from the alliance Circle of Power? with my explorations. I also got a lot of Island names from the circle of power.

Thanks to:

  • Tirauhe of the Tangata Moana for many new names of islands they sent to me. Less than a dozen islands in the explored part of the 14th world are without name now.
  • Widebeard for putting so much content into the Encyclopedia. He described a lot of items, buildings, skills mainly in english and of course with links to chapters in the rules.
  • Belfalas for creating a lot of island maps for the 13th and 14th world.
  • Black Phantom for the nearly completed map of the 14th world send to me in turn 541.

Please forgive, but my time is limited, so I'm not able to create island maps for each of the islands. But everyone can upload files on it's own. Please make sure they include the surrounding of two (ocean) regions in all directions. Only enter the text Attach:Island<Islandname>.cr into the text of the page and save, click on the new link and upload the file (it will be automatically renamed to finished.

You can download the 14th world map of the black phantom here. If you would report any new island name, please refer to some regions as they are name on this map or use the number on the map. You'll find my email address when looking for the Andras at the EmailAccess page.

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